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Testimonials are meant to show truthful comments actually stated by real customers with the purpose of relating the effectiveness of a company. Most web host have a bunch of so-called testimonials from people who don't even exist. Try to find "Jim from Texas". Our testimonials are from actual customers who can be contacted by visiting their web sites. These customers have agreed to have their comments displayed and receive no incentives of any kind.

Chris / E-commerce "After moving from [a competitor], a web host that never wanted to respond to e-mails and tech calls after they signed us up, it was good to get a company that is always quick to respond and friendly. I have also noticed that as our sales go up, your service never goes down!"
Brian / Virtual Web Hosting "I would like to express how happy I have been with the level of service that I have received from WebIntellects. All aspects of my experience with the company has been great. I am a complete yahoo with the website but ya'll make me look like I know what I am doing. I hope that in my business I am providing my clients with the same level of service."
Kyla / Reseller "I have been with Webintellects since February of 2001. I offer a "no brainer" hosting price for my web clients to ensure they will host through me which in essence is through Webintellects. Why? Because they have the most incredible customer support I\'ve run into to date. I've worked with numerous other clients' hosting companies with not even close to the same satisfaction. They offer a wealth of information in their knowledge base and have a SUPER SPEEDY and FRIENDLY support team 24/7! There have been times they've even helped me through an issue that turned out to not even be related to them, but actually to my site's software itself. Like I've told the techs before, "This is why I host with you guys!"
Peter / Virtual Private Server "We chose WebIntellects initially because they had a professional site, appeared to be very organized and provided a clear upgrade path for business sites. Since then we've never looked back and after having used about 5 other web hosting providers in the past we know that Webintellects are just so far ahead in quality, service and options. I doubt we will be looking for another service provider for a long time to come. More likely we'll be hosting more sites with them in the near future. If anyone is considering signing up with Webintellects, just go for it. It's the best move you could make for your online business. To the Webintellects team, thanks for your great service to date and keep up the great work you all do."
Mark / Virtual Web Hosting "Gotta say your company gives us the biggist bang for our buck... My former hosting was no help at all. I needed cgi help with them and they let me sit. Because they did not know how to provide cgi help. Well in one day,,, I had my cgi guestbook up & running with WebIntellects cgi support page. Best yet I did not even have to contact Tech for help. With the easy instructions and pictures to follow. The project was a breeze. The one thing that made me choose WebIntellects was that they provide toll-free tech support. I had the long distance phone call support before and it cost as much as $7.00 per call. Now it's WebIntellects nickel and I love it and the service. This is the hosting company with the most."
Allan / Virtual Web Hosting "I chose WebIntellects due to the look of their site, I have been with them for over a year now and upgraded with a further three sites and plan for more. I am sales orientated and have little knowledge of the ins and outs of creating and maintaining sites. I live in Spain and work thoughout Europe. Webintellects have been outstanding with their assitance and I can easily work on my sites throughout Europe, all with the outstanding assistance from WebIntellects. Thanks to all of you at Webintellects and I hate to say you have me for a long time to come. Hope you do not all leave now!"
Javier / Virtual Web Hosting "Hello all, Recently I had some issues with my website (www.vicho.com). My issues were resolved quickly and with a level of professionalism that is rare these days. I want to thank you all for your *excellent* support. Even though I am merely a small web site owner, I was treated like one of your business customers. Often support does not receive the accolades they deserve, therefore I want to make sure that you know that your team is appreciated and admired. I want to especially thank [Techs name] for all his hard work, and especially patience. Thank again, and keep up the good work!"
Gordon / Virtual Web Hosting "I am consistently dazzled by the speed, quality and courtesy of WebIntellects' customer service. My Linux Gold account receives the kind of attention I associate with top-dollar hosting. With WebIntellects' help, I can afford to move up to a VPS account as my business succeeds. And special thanks to [Tech Name]-- he acts more like a mentor than a technician. Keep up the great work!"
Michael / Reseller "Don't know how you guys do it... but you have the fastest tech support email on the planet. Thanks for your incredible turn around time on my questions."
Glen / Reseller "I am very, very appreciative of the extremely professional and personal help I continue to receive from each and all of you! I had some problems (mostly my misunderstanding) over the past few days and asked for help via email. [techs name] was quick on the uptake with his reply email this weekend. [techs name] filled in the needed answers to a variety of questions/concerns I had (nomenclature and logic about dial-up & hosting protocols) when I called the Tech Support line this morning. And, [another techs name] (some weeks ago) guided me along the way when I needed it then. I laud your patience - each and every one of you! WebIntellects, Thank You!!!!"
Don / Virtual Web Hosting "Just a short note to let you folks know how happy I am with your service. I contacted you last Friday to register my domain name and also have you host my web page along with using you as my ISP. Everything went very smooth and I'm now up and running with the page. I gotta tell ya that the up and downloading for both the web and e-mail is much faster than anything I ever had with [a competitor] (now dropped). I have been so impressed with the service that I recommended another friend to sign up today. I think that [friends name] has probably already contacted you. Keep up the good wook and I'll be with you folks for a long time. Thanks again..."
Tony / Virtual Web Hosting "WebIntellects made the transition of going from a local brick and mortar operation to an international online presence extremely easy and affordable. Our website and email has allowed us to get business in places we ordinarily would not have been able to."
Phyllis / Virtual Web Hosting "Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent customer and tech support. Its amazing how many companys out there do not seem to know what customer support is all about. Good job."
Tamara / Reseller "My name is Tamara of Island Charm Company. I am a client of Webintellects and I would like you to know how happy I am with the service your company provides always provides. I contacted web intellects customer support by opening a support ticket, to assist me with a post nuke installation. I had repeated problems with the installation because of a faulty file that the author created. I have a deadline to complete the site and your customer support team helped me install and setup the website in a timely manner. If it were not for them I would still be frustrated and suffering from a headache because of the deadline upon me."
Catherine / Virtual Hosting "I would like to let you know how impressed I am with your support system. Since setting up my account last week I have had to contact your support desk many times through e-mail and the 800#. Each time, I received a response very quickly and the person I spoke to on the phone, sorry I didn't get his name, was very patient and helpful. I think I had him on the phone for more than 20 minutes. In a time when attention to customer service is slipping, it's refreshing to work with a company that understands that happy customers are long-term customers. Thank you again for your help and keep up the good work."
Brad / Virtual Web Hosting "I am very pleased with the service and product from Webintellects and let all of my colleagues know that you guys are one of the few webhosts out there worth their salt. Keep up the good work and thanks again for a very well explained response."
Jerald / Virtual Web Hosting "I would like to commend you and your staff for the very great service that I have experienced with your company, since I am new I hope that this good service is definite. The oldwelder.com reccomended your co. Welders that are wise listen to old welders because they are wiser sometimes".
Hilary / Virtual Web Hosting "Thanks for the update. Have I told you guys lately that your customer service is excellent? If not, I'm sorry...your service rules!"
Charlie / Virtual Web Hosting "I wanted to compliment you on the quality of service I have enjoyed for many years now from Web Intellects, but especially on the odd occasion when I need Customer Support. Like today. I submitted a ticket due to sluggish email retrieval. [Techs Name] was back in touch with me in just a few minutes. He evaluated the problem, suggested a solution and with my consent he implemented it. We went from problem reported to problem solved in about an hour. Amazing! And my web site runs faster now than it did before! More Amazing. So, kudos to [Techs Name] for great customer support, and bigger kudos to you for having such a top-drawer operation. Outstanding! Great job!"
Sheldon / Dedicated Server "I once made an ill-advised installation on one of my Linux servers on Christmas day early in the morning and a few dozen sites that I host and manage came crashing down. I opened a ticket and fully expected to spend my holiday fielding calls from unhappy customers about their sites being down. Imagine my complete surprise when there was a response to my ticket and my server was suddenly back up several hours later. One of the most refreshing things about Webintellects is the quality of the communication you get in your first contact with them. The first response back from their support department is always intelligent and relevant to the issue that you reported. This isn't one of those places where you get stalled with cookie cutter responses whenever you open a ticket. They actually try to help you from the second you report something. Webintellects is superb value for the money. I'm surprised that they don't charge more for what they do."
Ed / Virtual Web Hosting "I have been with Web Intellects for 3 years and have 5 web sites with them. Their service is outstanding. I have tried others and there is no comparison. I highly recommend Web Intellects. Great staff!"

Testimonials are meant to show truthful comments actually stated by real customers with the purpose of relating the effectiveness of a company. Most web host have a bunch of so-called testimonials from people who don't even exist. Try to find "Jim from Texas". Our testimonials are from actual customers who can be contacted by visiting their web sites. These customers have agreed to have their comments displayed and receive no incentives of any kind.